Beatrice Pana

About the Bloomberg Caricature

I agree with most people on the blog about what they have to say in regards to the Bloomberg caricature. I believe it represents the fact that more and more people in New York are getting tired and frustrated with the mayor and his tactics. This, in part, could be because of the snowstorms and his lousy clean-up efforts or other reasons as well.

Whatever the case may be, the depiction of this cartoon itself can be a double entendre. It can mean either that the mayor is vain and only cares about himself, or as previously stated by someone else on the blog, it could be a depiction of all New Yorkers. I mean there has to be a reason why in other states when people hear you’re from New York they call us rude right?

In any case, I think this cartoon conveys a lot without neglecting to incorporate the upcoming holiday (well now the past) of Valentine’s Day. I dare to say it might even try to teach us a lesson on how we should observe the world around us and stop thinking that each of us are the center of the universe because the world is about so much more than that. With an open eye you might be surprised what you are able to perceive.

-Beatrice Pana

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