Jenny Lu

My Experiences with Math and Science

Last week the class was introduced to two extraordinary professors in the math and science field. Although both these subjects are not my cup of tea I found their words and research to be fascinating. One thing I noticed between the two speakers was the fact that they were both extremely passionate about their work. And in acts of doing so, it also made me open up and give math and science a chance.

Back in high school, my grades for math were extremely flexible. One year I would receive 90’s and above and the next I would receive grades in the low 80’s.  Science is also a subject I’m not extremely fond of. I found how the world functions and how living organisms interact with one another to be interesting, however, the simple act of memorizing and going in depth with every single detail made me dislike the subject

In my first semester of college I took the most basic math course. But to my surprise some of the stuff I learned in Math Literacy weren’t things I wasn’t exposed to back in high school. I can’t recall everything I learned last semester but one of the things we did in the beginning of the semester was the Benzhaf Power Index and the Shapley- Shubik Power Distribution which are two methods applied in a weighted voting system. These two methods are fairly simple but it can quickly become tedious depending on the number of votes and the weight of them because you literally need to write out each combination of votes. I did really well in this class. This semester I am taking an Introduction to Biology course for science. So far it’s going relatively well, however, I’m not so much intrigued with the subject that I study it for my own benefit.

I also feel that the way a teacher or professor teaches a subject has a profound impact on the way a student looks at and takes away from the subject. I didn’t have the best teachers back in high school to teach math and science, however, some did make learning these subjects a whole lot interesting and easier.

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