Beatrice Pana

in 100 words or more…

The man walked into the room and suddenly realized that this is where he was meant to be in this room he felt at peace with the world yet at the same time didn’t care much for what was going on outside of the fiberglass door in here he was safe and nobody could make him feel or do anything he didn’t want to it was in here that he first got a chance to explore his life and impose upon himself questions such as what are my morals values desires dreams goals etc but foremost he was able to ask himself the one main question we all wish to ask ourselves but rarely have the time or discipline to do so this question was who am I and rather than I am a man ┬áhe found himself going on a rant about life and how he viewed the world he found himself on the road to self discovery and realized that only within that room was he able to do this this room we all pertain but rarely ever visit the mind the center of our being.

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