Jenny Lu

My Parents Never Fail to Confuse Me

Unlike some parents, my parents always seem to create the most complex situations out of the plain and ordinary. They always seem too busy for anything and leave all decision making in the hands of their children. However, when they dislike what we enjoy pursuing in school they criticize and discourage us. My parents are not supportive at all and they always seem to put me and my siblings down. I understand that they want the best for me and my siblings but they have an odd way of showing it.

I feel like my mother and father are never satisfied with anything I do.  They have extremely high expectations of me, but at the same time they continue to discourage me. They are particularly harsh on me since I am their oldest child.  My parents never give me feedback when I receive high grades in school, but when I receive mediocre grades they enjoy making me feel like a complete and utter failure. For example, just recently, after all these years that my sculpture has been sitting on top of my stereo my mother finally took notice of it. She asked me where it had come from and how much I had paid for it. I told her that I made it back in 11th grade but she refused to believe that I had made it. My mother’s response to my claim that I had created the sculpture was “you are not that intelligent or creative to produce something like that, stop lying”. Eventually I decided that there is no point in arguing with her.

I try to satisfy both my parents but they never seem to be satisfied. I do relatively well in all my classes and to have one class aside just for my own enjoyment appears to be too dangerous for them. Do you two want me to succeed or not? When I try to pursue something I enjoy you guys always put me down. And when I completely fail at something you two just say I’m dumb. I feel like I can’t do anything that will make the two of you happy. Now why can’t you two be like ordinary parents who just want their child to be happy?

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One Response to “My Parents Never Fail to Confuse Me”

  1.   sphan102on 28 Apr 2011 at 6:53 pm

    Wow, it seems really difficult to be in your place. My parents are also somewhat the way your parents are described as in this blog. They both have their own aspirations for me simultaneously they don’t know what I want to pursue. Anyways, I hope that things will improve for you and that your parents have a “eureka moment.” Perhaps, after this, they’ll try a different approach of praising you and your siblings.

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