Jenny Lu

Typical Spring Break

I like how in movies and television shows directors would portray teens going wild and running off to some foreign land for vacation over spring break. In reality, I can assure you that less than half of teens really do that kind of stuff.  It may be that it is our obligation to stay home because we have work to do, or because our parents do not want us to go.  I bet most teens are doing work or catching up on some sleep over this break rather than going out and partying.

Before the break began I had made plans for days where I would get my school work done and days where I would go out. I was exceptionally looking forward to making something during the break such as a bag or some sort of accessory but I have failed to do so.  When I was originally planning for the break I did not plan to be sick either.  However, I spent my weekend lying in bed and the next two days at the doctors’ office. It was not all that terrible because I also ended up meeting an old friend of mine on Monday. I spent the remainder of the week getting errands done, visiting my grandfather in the hospital, watching movies, shopping and hanging out with my friends from high school.

Although this may seem mediocre to most people, the highlight of my break was eating Thai food and seeing my high school art teacher and her seven month year old baby. This was also the first time in my life that I tried Thai food. I tried a little bit of everything since my sister, my friends, and I ordered different things on the menu. I really like roti, a type of dish where a person dips a thin flour patty into curry. As for seeing my high school teacher and her baby, it made me feel ecstatic. My teacher’s baby was super energetic and fun.  It seemed impossible for the baby to ever cry.  Despite my illness, I think my spring break was relatively productive and I look forward to completing the remainder of the semester, and hopefully getting a job for the summer.

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