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last week…

Hi all,

Sorry for the delay, I was looking through my posts today and found this post saved as a draft since 3/30. So I thought I would post it now, I have no idea why I never actually posted this but here it goes:

So last week I had my group meeting during free hour, I found it very comforting to hear that there are other people besides me that have a hard time meeting people and adjusting, etc. I absolutely loved the fact that I was able to meet and find someone that shared the same potential major as me. I really enjoyed the laid-back style of the meeting and being able to interact with other peers as well as faculty. I loved the vastness of major interests people within our group have. I’m not exactly sure how we will be able to work on a final project together due to our difference in what we wanted to become, etc. I’m glad I brought up the idea of going to visit the Speech clinic on campus because that is something I am very interested in doing. Before declaring my major, I want to be able to explore the environment people in this field work in and since I do not know many people in the field, I thought the Speech clinic would help. I also like that I wasn’t the only one who was interested in visiting this Speech clinic, and that Liana wanted to as well.

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