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Prof. Repole

Another post I found saved as a draft on March 9th, I have no idea what is going on and why my computer never posted these posts. But anyway, I will try and pray it posts it now.

I had fun during last week’s seminar. What I found most interesting was the enthusiasm that Professor Repole had when speaking about acting. That is the first time, since I’ve been in college, that I’ve ever seen a professor speak so passionately about his work. Last week’s seminar definitely left me with questions such as what is acting in reality? How does someone know if they have what it takes to be an actor or even an English major? His lecture literally made me give serious thought to the idea of possibly taking a drama class next semester. I doubt I would be a good actress, but I think it might be a fun and enriching experience. Now if such a class would fit into my schedule for next semester, that’s a different dilemma. However, if it does, I am sure I will do my best to take the class. Before last week, I had never thought about acting or ¬†questioned whether it was something I would be interested in or even good at. I absolutely loved Prof. Repole’s exercise of “going to your happy place”. While doing this exercise, I found my happy place being back in Romania with all of my family and especially my cousin. I hadn’t really thought of them in a while until last week. Also, I couldn’t imagine how much I actually missed and needed to talk to my cousin until last week. Bottom line I give Prof. Repole’s lecture an A+. He is inspiring, passionate, and driven; I think those are extremely important qualities each professor in college should have.

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