Beatrice Pana

In 100 words or less…exercise #2

So I took the liberty of repeating this exercise again. The three words I started with were “she was there”; here it goes:

She was there standing as everyone around her applauded. She may have physically been there with all these people clapping and honoring her with eyes of admiration, but little did anyone know where her mind was at this precise moment. You see, she was not  the kind of person who daydreamed frequently, actually she found herself daydreaming very rarely and when she did she knew it was because she had too much on her mind or that she was too stressed out. Was that the case during this very moment? What was it she was daydreaming about? Could she have been mentally preparing for the speech she was about to make? Possibly, to the rest of the auditorium, that’s how it seemed at least. In her own mind she was in a place far  away from here. She was still in Antigua at her parents house at about nine years old. What was she doing there? She didn’t even know for sure the answer of that question. All she could see was herself sitting on her mother’s couch listening to her mother give her some lecture on why instead of running around being a tomboy and playing with all the boys, she should be inside working on her homework and playing with dolls. Did that matter to her back then or now? No, not at all, but then again at that age mostly everything her mother said to her would go in one ear and out the other. Right then and there she knew why her mind was there during this very moment of her life. The room could be full with kings and queens, and people of the utmost highest power but, none of that mattered to her, the only person she wanted sitting in this room applauding for her was her mother.

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