So I just remembered the thing I read before our first or second seminar meeting: that article by William James that talked about passing judgements. I found it extraordinary!

Before I continue, I feel as if I should mention that when I talk about all people and human beings in general, I am only referring to things from my point of view and from what I can see and catch myself doing and thinking. However, I know that other people will have different opinions and by all means, everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, this is just mine. Now to continue:

After I read it I thought to myself, “wow! We all pass judgements about people, things, books, etc every day but what is the motive behind that? Why do we do and say the things that we do and say?” Well first off the article sort of made me see us people as very egocentric human beings. No matter what situation we are in or are faced with, we can only think about ourselves which causes us not to only look at the situation from our point of view, but to expect others to see it from our point of view as well and expect them to agree with us and show compassion. If we see that we have life better off than any other person, we immediately try to find something wrong with our life or something to complain about in our life. Are human beings usually not satisfied? This thought occurs to me more and more everyday as I catch myself trying to complain about even the littlest thing in life.

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