Beatrice Pana

Speech Pathology

After my junior year of high school, upon completing my first accounting course ever, I knew this would be the career path for me. However, beginning with my senior year, my mother tells me about this vastly competitive/interesting field of speech pathology. At the beginning, I wasn’t interested in it all because I had my mind set on being an accountant, taking my CPA exam, and working at one of the Fortune 500 companies in their accounting department. But, as she spoke more and more about it, I began to give it some thought and I asked to meet somebody in that field and so she put me in touch with someone. The work seemed fairly easy, the money fairly good, but the school was very competitive. So from that moment on, I saw it as a way to give back to the community and achieve my overall goal in life of helping people and making their lives better. I am aware that it will be competitive and hard, but thats something I am willing to deal with. I was possibly thinking of doing a double major with Speech Pathology, or as Queens College calls it “Communication Sciences and Disorders” and Accounting. But that would be extremely difficult, considering that none of the classes that I would have to take in each major would overlap and it would take very long to accomplish the degree due to the credit requirements for each degree. So as of right now, I am looking towards a Speech Pathology major.

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