Beatrice Pana

Group Presentation Reflection

Last Wednesday, my group as well as the business group (I think that’s what it was called) presented. I believe the business group did a far better job at relating each and everyone of their majors to the others within their group. However, I must admit, I am very proud of my group’s ending conclusion. I do wish that more people from my group would have made themselves an outline instead of speaking right from the slides, but overall, I would say it was a success. In presenting my share of my group’s final presentation, I learned that people will pay attention to what you’re presenting if you make them want to. What I mean by this is although it may be a boring topic and whatnot, if you show that you are passionate about the topic which you are presenting, that will definitely be projected onto your audience and make them more interested in the presentation overall. This project definitely compares to other projects I have completed in high school because most of those were solo PowerPoint presentations that I had to stand up and present by myself in front of a whole class of people. I definitely found this group project less nerve-wrecking in that respect, it is so much easier to stand up and present something within a group rather than just doing it by yourself. As for other group projects I have completed in college, this project was about the same. They all required me to have good time-management skills, set deadlines for myself, work efficiently, and be able to communicate effectively with the other team members from my group. I was glad I was able to put all of the PowerPoint slides together into one massive presentation because this was an easy task for me seeing as that’s what i had done all of high school in my numerous business classes. So finally, I loved the business group’s presentation, as well as the one from my group, and I look forward to seeing the rest today!

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